Design Changes and Gratitude

If you’re a reader of Texas Type A Mom you may have noticed that I have a new blog design to go with my new home on WordPress!  My awesome and talented (or awesomely talented) friend, Marla created what you currently see.  When I talked to her about my thoughts on the layout, she didn’t have a whole lot to go on.  I was only able to tell her that I wanted Texas with a heart in it and a red, white, blue color scheme.  From that she was able to create what you see today!  If you’re in a slump and need of a design change on your blog, I urge you to contact her and see what she can do for you!


Before on Blogger

While I’m doing shout outs, I have a few more people to thank!  I have to thank my husband for my Blogger to WordPress migration.  The downtime was minimal and could have been even less had we not had plans with friends last weekend.  And my friend James for hosting my blog!

Are you a Top Chef fan?!  I’ve watched every episode and am a huge fan!  Have you heard the location of the new season might have been leaked via tweets?!  The rumors floating around the blogosphere are courtesy of my friend, Twitter addict, and food blogger, Adele (aka Symigoddess).  Her tweets caught the attention of several local news websites and blogs and was a lot of fun to read.  If you want to find out what went down on “The Night Bravo Told Me To Stop Tweeting“, check out her post!


  1. I did notice, and I totally love it! The lasso is so cute!

  2. It looks great and OMG, love Top Chef!

  3. Well, you already know that I LOVE your redesign. The heart inside Texas is just perfect!

    I am so addicted to Top Chef so I had to click over to read your friend’s story. That is insane! I mean, they’re always going out, going to Whole Foods every episode, etc–I can’t imagine they’d be able to keep the location a secret that long? Silly!

    • It really is ridiculous how it all went down. And I’m surprised they are able to keep locations a secret considering. I guess the power of social media is going to be a consideration in the future.

  4. I think it looks awesome and CONGRATS on the move to WP you will love it!

    • I still have a lot to learn and am feeling intimidated since it’s out of my comfort zone (Blogger) but I’m hoping to get the hang of it soon!

  5. I love your redesign! I am being sort of crazy and picky with mine…so it’s not complete yet! :( it’s getting there, though!

  6. Your friend is super duper talented! I adore your new look Kelly! It suites you perfectly!

  7. I love the new look. The color palette is lively which reminds me of Texas. I love the heart and it translates so well into other icons. Your friend is amazing. It is one of the best mom icons I have seen. Congrats!

  8. Deanna Bravo says:

    Your website is so fantastic … keep up the good effort!

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