Top Beauty Tips for Women

I absolutely LOVE beauty products, and through the years, have found some great beauty tips for women that really work. I wanted to share 10 top beauty tips that work.. at least for me!

1.) Always moisturize your face before applying makeup. This is probably a no brainer, but some people do not do this and should. I use an oil-free moisturizer, since my skin is oily to begin with.

2.) Whether you use powder foundations or liquid, always use a moisturizer OVER your makeup too. An oil-free one. For me, this seals in my makeup, smoothing it out and pulls it out of my lines, making my face very smooth and line free. Trust me, it works!

3.) Prep your eyelids for eyeshadow, by applying some of  your foundation to them. This helps keep your eyeshadow in place, all day long and helps to not crease.

4.) Before you apply your eyeshadow, apply loose powder, even baby powder will work (just don’t get it in  your eyes!!) right under your eyes. So, when you apply your eyeshadow, and some particals fall down on your cheeks or under your eyes, you can simply swipe it off with your hand, and you won’t have smears and dark spots from your eyeshadow!

5.) Always apply your bronzer where the sun would hit naturally. Like on the bridge of your nose, forehead, cheekbones and a bit on your chin. Just a swipe is good, unless you want to look unnatural.

6.) Skin super oily? I swear by the oil blotting sheets. I like Clean & Clear oil blotting sheets. I cannot believe how much oil they take off my skin, leaving my skin oil free and it saves my makeup!!!

7.)Drink WATER!! I know you hear this over and over again, but it is so important for your skin (and YOU!). I started drinking more water, and my skin seems so much more supple!!

8.) Don’t like to wear lipstick, but have a ton? Well, use them! But, use them with a sheer gloss over them. I love doing this because I DO NOT wear lipstick, but have so many tubes of lipstick! I apply a tiny bit of the lipstick and top with sheer gloss for a subtle and pretty look, that is not as bold as just wearing lipstick.

9.)Sparse lashes? Ya, I did too! You know the last conditioners that swear to make your lashes longer, stronger and more lush? Well, they WORK. And, some are not very expensive. No need to spend lots of money on Latisse, heck no. You can purchase ones just as good, like EnvyDerm, TriLash, Maximum Lash (this one is my FAVORITE!!)  and many more!! They all do the same thing, really.

10.) If you break out occasionally, like I do, I swear by Proactiv Solutions. After all, I was in their commercials, whether I saw myself in them is another thing, and I love Proactiv. It really does work. No  need to have that acne, really, get rid of it!!! Having a smooth face certainly makes for a better canvas for your beauty and skincare products!

What beauty tips for women do you have? Do tell!


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  1. Thank you for allowing me to guest post on your site :)

  2. I didn’t know you should put moisturizer over your makeup — interesting.

  3. I’ve tried expensive blotting sheets, but nothing beats the Clean & Clear ones. They absorb so much more oil. And they’re cheaper!

  4. Now I have to go watch their commercials and look for you. LOL. I’m just wrapped up my first month on Proactiv and it’s really helped. Thanks for the great tips!

  5. I really like the tip about using a little lipstick with some clear gloss over the top!

  6. Thanks – I need all the help I can get! I never thought about adding moisturizer over my makeup.

  7. I’ve also never heard of putting moisturizer over my makeup. I’ll have to try it. At the end of the day, the foundation on the bottom of my face starts to fade. I can say that water, water, water does make a difference.

  8. Great tips! (funny story-I was reading your tips and my three year old saw the close up of the lips picture and said “Momma is that Chapell Hill sausage?” lol!!! It’s her favorite!)

  9. Loved your tips! I know I need to be more consistent with applying moisturizer and I just learned about putting foundation to my eyelids. Huge difference!

  10. What great tips! Thanks Kim and Kelly!

  11. Love the moisturizer OVER makeup tip. I’ll bet your face looks much more dewy and natural.

  12. Those are really great tips. I will have to try using moisturizer over makeup as well.

  13. Thanks for the tips. I learned a few things.

  14. How do you put moisturizer on OVER your make-up? That’s a new one for me.

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