Wordless Wednesday (10/19): For the Love of Baby




  1. I remember this well … baby dust to you xxx

    • Thanks! It’s no fun but most definitely worth it!

      • I did the fertility treatment. I recall the doctor giving me a suppository of progesterone. I can’t remember how long maybe for a few months? I know it wasnt for the full term. I was pregnant with twin girls. They are six right now. Unfortunately one of the girls had a stroke in utero and is severally disabled. The stroke wasnt detected until she was 2 weeks old. Never had any symptoms of anything wrong. I delivered my girls at 36 weeks only because of twin b having dropped in weight since the last ultrasound. My girls are the best!! I ended getting pregnant without fertility 3 years later. 3 beautiful girls.

        • I did the needles every month, clomid didnt work, so i had to use the “pen” with the help of Artificial insemination.

  2. Ouch is right. Oh my gosh, ouch.

  3. Are you really putting those in your leg?? Your leg is so tiny!! Why don’t you put them in your butt? All of my IVF rounds I did my own in my butt….I had lots of room for that big ole needle to go in! LOL

    Either way. MUCH LUCK TO YOU!!! yay babies!

    • My OB actually suggested my legs because there’s so much muscle there he said it’d be easier. But maybe that was just easier on me if I was giving them to myself? I can’t stomach giving them to myself though so my mom drives over to give the to me. This last shot wasn’t as bad – I read that scratching next to the needle while it was injected confused the nerve endings and the pain is very minimal today. My last shot was sore for the entire week – good thing I’m alternating legs.

  4. Holy crapola that is a long needle! Best of luck!

  5. OWIE

  6. I sooo feel your pain! I had to do that while preggo. It is not fun. ((HUGS))

  7. I am so glad I never had to do any of that stuff when I was pregnant!

    • You’re so lucky! I had my daughter at 31 weeks so we’re hoping to avoid pre-term labor this time so I’ll have a total of 20 shots. Three down, seventeen to go.

  8. ohh sister! I am sending many prayers your way that you will not have to do this for long! Hope you are having a good Wednesday besides this.

    I admire you so much for having another one after everything.. I just don’t knowif I am as brave as you!

    • I have to do this for 20 weeks (from 16-36 weeks). It’s not going to be a cake walk but if we can avoid another NICU stay I’ll be happy! I’m just trying to have faith that God is going to guide my doctors into giving me the best course of treatment possible and giving this baby a less stressful entry into the world. T-Bird is still young, you might change your mind when he gets a little older. Cakes will be 3 before this baby is born.

  9. owie :(

  10. Um, ouch?

  11. Yikes! You’re a good mama to go through all this. {{{hugs}}}

    • Thanks! This was shot three I was taking pictures of. The first shot was pretty bad and I almost passed out (empty stomach and the pharmacy gave me the wrong sized needles). My moms giving them to me now but I’m hoping I can work up to giving them to myself so I can spare her the weekly trip.

  12. I sooooo don’t miss those needles!

  13. Ouch!!

  14. I am sick of needles, but for a different reason now. saying prayers for a safe baby for you!

  15. O!M!G! You are my hero right now… not sure if I could handle that!!!!

  16. Ow Ow OWWWW!!! You are so brave! I’d be a whining mess!

  17. Owwwww!

  18. Ouch is right!

  19. Oh Kelly…this is why you are a good mama, you do what you have to for your kidlets!

  20. Oh, that doesn’t seem fun! The things we do for our kids. Sending prayers for a safe pregnancy.

  21. You are a great mama and a very strong one too! The things we do for our babies, to get them here, to keep them cooking, get them delivered safely and raise them to be strong, wonderful little people! HUGS mama!!! <3

  22. I had to give those to a friend once and I did them in her belly. I did all my insulin shots in my thigh though. It was just easier for me to have control there.

  23. You are brave. I have tattoos, but I could never use a needle on myself, I would have to have my husband do it.

  24. Does not look fun, but hopefully it helps!

  25. Ouch! Best of luck, and at least is is only once a week.

  26. OMG I can’t stand needles and don’t know what I’d do if I had to give myself shots. But its all worth it I’m sure!!!

    • I haven’t managed to give myself a shot yet. I’m hoping to work up to it to spare my mom the drive, but for now she’s driving to me once a week to do them for me (she’s a nurse and can handle it).

  27. Oh gosh hugs to you, and best of luck!

  28. Ouch, it will be worth it though!

  29. Wow! Good luck!

  30. I have such a fear of injections–I feel for you. :( It will all be worth it in the end though!

  31. OMG Kell – I thought you went to the doctor for a flu shot of sorts. OUCHIE!!! But so appropriately titled . . . for the love of baby! awww

    • The day I told you about it I got a flu shot and had blood drawn too. But then there’s also this and the needle goes all the way in my leg.

  32. oh no! I hope it works and keeps baby cookin’!

  33. I stick other people for a living but I don’t think I could give myself IM injections. Is it common to take this if you have a history of preterm babies? As a NICU nurse I feel like I should know about it but this is the first I’ve heard of it and have never seen it mentioned in anyone’s intake history. Then again, I guess if it worked they wouldn’t end up in the NICU so that makes sense why I’ve not heard of it :)

    • I *think* the progesterone in oil is only common if you have a history of PTL. I’ve heard a few cases (on birth boards) of women going into labor immediately after d/c’ing the shots. But most OBs stop them between 34-36 weeks if you make it that long but better a late-term preemie than earlier. You make a great point, hopefully the shots are working in your area and the babes aren’t ending up with you!

      My OB is pretty convinced that my abruption is what brought on the PTL, but we’re doing everything we can to prolong this just in case.

  34. OH MY….bless your heart! You will be in this Granny’s thoughts. I send all my love to you and the baby.

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