10 Fun Christmas Activities for Kids

The holiday season is here!  I just love everything about this time of year from the lights to the music to the food – all of it.  Now that my daughter is getting older I’m trying to find new ways to help her enjoy everything that is so magical about this season.  I know other parents are probably looking for a fun kids Christmas activity right now too, so I compiled a list of 10 fun Christmas activity ideas to do with your kids in the coming weeks.  Some are free and others cost money but most importantly they’re all fun ways to spend time together.

Tacky Christmas Lights via MSVG on Flickr

1.  Enjoy the lights.  Drive around your city or neighborhood and enjoy all of the fun and colorful displays.

2.  Adopt a local family that’s less fortunate to bless with Christmas presents.  Christmas is all about giving!

3.  Go ice skating.  Even if you live in warm, sunny locale like Florida you can still find an indoor ice skating rink that will make you feel like Christmas is almost here.

Paper Snowflakes via Mineco on Flickr

4.  Create inexpensive Christmas decorations for your home.  Things like applesauce ornaments, glittering pine cones, and paper snowflakes are all cheap to make but add a homey and playful vibe to your house.  Kids get to let their imaginations run wild and enjoy their creations for weeks to come.

5.  Go to a Christmas play/production at your church.  A quick search might even yield a live nativity right around Christmas!

6.  Make gifts for family, friends, and neighbors.  Things like gifts in a jar or homemade baked goodies are inexpensive and always a pleasure to receive.

7.  Go caroling.  Or sing along to Christmas carols on the radio at home.

Gingerbread House via Carrie Stephens on Flickr

8.  Decorate a gingerbread house.  The more sugary sweets attached, the better!

9.  Watch a holiday movie.  There are so many cute, wholesome, and humorous movies that take place at Christmas.  Gather your loved ones and enjoy the show.

10. Track Santa.  I know not everyone does the Santa thing, but if you do it’s a lot of fun for kids to track Santa’s progress around the world on Christmas Eve.  This particular idea is best suited for older kids.


Tell me, what’s your favorite thing to do with your kids during the holidays to help them embrace the season?


  1. These are GREAT ideas! I love that festive gingerbread house (and I never heard of apple sauce decorations before, interesting)

    • I had a friend do cinnamon applesauce decorations and have noticed tutorials on a few other blogs. I also saw sugar cookie ornaments after writing this but I’m wondering how that would work – I’d be worried about attracting bugs.

  2. We love driving around and looking at Christmas lights.

  3. I LOVE the pics Cakes for us they are hanging on the wall above our desks

  4. Every year we get into PJs and make some hot chocolate (chocolate milk for the kiddos) and we drive around and look at the lights. It’s so much fun and the kids love it.

    • What a great idea with the hot chocolate! Cakes has never had that before and doesn’t like chocolate milk but hopefully it’s something she’ll grow into.

  5. These are all great ideas–and I love that they’re all affordable too. When I was a kid, my family would drive to a neighborhood near Chicago that was known for having lots of Christmas lights & decorations and it’s one of my best holiday memories!

    • It just goes to show you don’t have to pay or spend a lot to create memories! The “stuff” is likely to be forgotten but the time we spend together and the memories we create lives on.

  6. I appreciated you idea! We just made gingerbread houses today. They were not so impressive, but the kids loved eating them. :)

    • Gingerbread houses are beautiful just because of the amount of love that goes into them! I’m really looking forward to doing all of this stuff with Cakes when she gets a little older (maybe next year?), right now patience is not on her side.

  7. Awesome ideas! We love to go and look at Christmas lights and help families out!

    • They used to do a big trail of lights here in one of the parks with lots of light displays and there were vendors and food carts set up so you could make a night of it. Unfortunately as part of the budget cuts, that is no more but a lot of neighbors and businesses decorate and that’s good enough for me.


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