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I feel so guilty – I’ve been drinking coffee while pregnant.  I had planned on abstaining completely but forgoing coffee entirely is just too difficult.  I did a little research and apparently as long as you’re enjoying caffeine in moderation it doesn’t seem to cause any harm to the developing baby!

It doesn’t matter how coffee is prepared – hot, cold, blended, baked into a dessert – I adore the flavor.  Admittedly I end up drinking a lot more iced coffee than hot coffee.  Most of the time it’s just out of laziness as my husband starts the coffee pot before he leaves for work and it’s only lukewarm by the time I wake up and want a glass.  Lukewarm coffee is one way I’m not a fan of having my coffee so most days it’s faster to add ice cubes and make an iced coffee than reheat it.

A few weeks ago International Delight sent me a large cooler containing their newest product line – iced coffees.  When I found out that International Delight was sending out iced coffees I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Would the product be refrigerated or would you just serve it over ice before drinking?  Would I need to add additional ingredients or would it be ready to go?  But the most important question was – how would it taste?

There are three flavors in the iced coffee line from International Delight – original, vanilla, and mocha.  All three flavors were creamy and had balanced flavors so choosing a favorite was really hard.  In the end there was no clear winner for me.  I just couldn’t decide between the original and vanilla.  I usually opt for a vanilla coffee but this time the original flavor was sweetened perfectly, however, the vanilla did give it a little extra something.

My husband isn’t a fan of flavored or even sweetened coffees for that matter so I enlisted the help of my mom on taste testing the flavors.  My mom and I are usually opposites on flavors – she gravitates towards sweeter things like mocha while I favor things that aren’t as sweet.  My mom actually surprised me this time because in this case she deemed the vanilla her favorite.  We both agreed that the mocha wasn’t our favorite but would probably be a good after dinner treat.

On January 15th, these iced coffees from International Delight will be available in the dairy section of Wal-Mart stores.  Keep your eyes peeled for these half gallon cartons so you too can enjoy the iced coffee goodness!  In part 2 of my International Delight review, I gift another blogger with this trio of International Delight iced coffees for them to enjoy as well.


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  1. These look and sound tasty, is High Fructose Corn Syrup an ingredient?

  2. You’re not the only one I know who is pregnant and still indulging in these. They must be so good!

  3. As a new iced coffee addict, I am so all over that!! I would have loved to have been a taste tester!!

  4. Ooh, these sound so good. How convenient too–and I bet it’s much cheaper to buy a big carton like this than those little individual bottles of iced coffee.

  5. I bet I would like the Vanilla too : )

  6. I feel sure I would love them. I drink coffee until noon every day!

  7. These sound good, and it’s nice that these are prepared already but in a bulk container (if that makes sense?). I wouldn’t worry too much about caffeine during pregnancy in moderation. Many of the pregnant NICU nurses I work with still have a cup of coffee or soda to get them through our long shifts.

  8. great review…thanks a bunch

  9. I don’t blame you for not being able to give up coffee, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be able to cut it out completely either!

    I was fortunate to be surprised with these iced coffees and I’ve been loving trying them out as well… I’ve gotten a few recommendations to try mixing them together or with something like ice cream, so I’ve got to try those before I declare a favorite!

  10. My Father in Law brought these home from work around Christmas. I LOVE them, and agree that it is a hard toss up between vanilla and original (I almost lean towards the original) The Mocha is close to being TOO sweet. But like you said they are all great! Now my problem is sticking to one glass a day :)

  11. Love the flavor, but they need to make one sugar free. There are 23 g of sugar in an 8 oz glass…. but, inspite of that, it’s totally yummy!

  12. I’m lactose intolerant; do these iced coffees contain dairy?

    • These *do* contain dairy. My mom is lactose intolerant and was able to take an over the counter medication when she drank this and was able to tolerate it quite well.

  13. tracey patterson says:

    All I can say I I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!:)……Haven’t tried the mocha yet but I do buy every week now sometimes 2x week:)

  14. I went to every store in town looking for the new ice coffee several times. Got on the phone and called the stores and one store just got it that morning. I went right then the only one they had was vanilla I got two of them. It is just wonderful I love it, can’t wait to try the orignal and the mocha. I am so hooked.

  15. Dee Kushen says:

    The Mocha is to die for…..Three stores carry it here and they stay sold out…one of the store mgrs. told us they can’t make it fast enough…

  16. Artificial flavors, corn syrup AND sugar, carageenan to make it thicker (made from seaweed), gellan gum as a thickner/emulsifier/stabilizer… I prefer real food and real coffee. No thanks.

  17. I wasn’t a fan of the original but I’m enjoying the Mocha very much. I have not seen the Vanilla locally yet…and, yes, I did purchase at Walmart. My only complaint is it’s 150 calories for an 8 oz. glass. If you’re watching your calories, this would be considered your “snack” because of the calorie count.

  18. i really love the iced coffee mocha but please make a mocha non creamy iced coffe’s aren’t supposed to be creamy i hope you hear me tyty

  19. i love the mocha flavor but please make a non creamy one iced coffee’s aren’t made to be creamy i hope you hear me


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