Southwestern Chicken Recipe with Sargento Cheese

If you were to ask me to name my favorite savory foods off the top of my head right now, I can guarantee that almost all of them would include cheese in some way or another.  I love cheese so much and there are very few cheeses that I absolutely will not eat.

Recently Cupcake’s pediatrician brought up the prospect that she could have a milk protein allergy, which to resolve means the breastfeeding mom cuts out all forms of milk protein from her diet.  As in cheese.  When so many of my favorite foods and trusty recipes contain cheese, the thought of how dinner is going to look is a little scary.

Unfortunately this game changer is coming just as I’ve made a genius discovery to aid in my post pregnancy weight loss journey.  I’ve been hearing good things about Sargento’s new Ultra Thin Sliced Cheese and have been on a quest to track them down.  The first two stores I went to didn’t even carry them so if you’re a reader in the Austin area, head to your nearest Randall’s to find them.  At 45 calories or fewer per slice, this is the perfect way to enjoy cheese while trying to drop a few pounds.

Southwestern Chicken

My go to cuisine is Tex Mex or Mexican inspired dishes so I purchased the Sargento Colby-Jack Ultra Thin Sliced Cheese variety knowing it would complement any recipes that were Tex Mex or Mexican inspired.  My husband and I love spicy foods but finding a dish that Cakes will also enjoy is sometimes a bit trickier.  Knowing she’s a fan of tacos and really anything covered in salsa and cheese I decided to try out a recipe inspired by Sargento’s Grilled Southwestern Chicken Sandwiches.  As you can see from the picture, we didn’t end up having the dish in sandwich form but instead had a somewhat deconstructed version (my way of saying no bun) along with some Texas Caviar as a side dish.  The dish turned out was very filling and had all of the flavors of a Mexican dish without all of the calories.


Visit for recipe inspiration including the Grilled Southwestern Chicken Sandwiches or you can find my super easy modified version below:


Southwestern Chicken



  1. Combine salsa, oil, and garlic; brush over both sides of chicken.
  2. Cook chicken on preheated medium-hot grill 5 minutes per side or until chicken is no longer pink in center.  Lay cheese slices over chicken and continue to grill until browned and bubbly.

Southwestern Chicken with Texas Caviar is easy to make and a family favorite of ours – even my daughter loves the cheesiness and fresh flavor combination.

Disclosure: I received products and compensation from Sargento Foods Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participating in this campaign. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.



  1. I like colby and pepperjack

  2. Pepperjack-my favorite cheese for sandwiches

  3. That looks incredible! Tasty and healthy, love it! I’m definitely going to try it :)

  4. Yum! It looks mighty diet friendly too. I love cheese, but often go with a reduced portion, so not to blow my calories out of the water.

  5. swiss… yum!

  6. Alicia Zirjacks says:

    The swiss. Swiss is my favorite type of cheese!

  7. colby jack is my favorite

  8. Denise Comeau says:

    the provolone!

  9. Hollie Jahnke says:

    Ultra thin mild cheddar is my favorite.

  10. Ginger b. says:

    Provlone for sure!

  11. Kimberly says:

    I would like to try the provolone.

  12. Terry Cross says:

    Ultra Thin Swiss

  13. My family would try the provolone.

  14. pridelandmama says:

    swiss! I love swiss.

  15. the Swiss

  16. All of them! BUT if I have to choose, I’d choose provolone.

  17. Lorrie (pinklady705) says:

    Ultra thin swiss

  18. I love provolone!

  19. Teresa Moore says:

    I want to try the provolone.

  20. I am prone to the Ultra thin colby jack

  21. I’d love to try the colby.

  22. Janet Boyanton says:

    I would love to try the colby jack and the swiss.

  23. Michelle Stice says:

    I love all the cheese’s, especially swiss

  24. provolone…but I love all chese!

  25. Jessica T. says:

    I want to try the provolone.

  26. Definitely the Ultra Thin Swiss, since Swiss is my favorite kind of cheese!

  27. I most look forward to trying the Ultra-Thin Colby Jack!

  28. I love Provolone cheese!

  29. Swiss!

  30. Lisa Cal says:

    I’d like to try the provolone and the swiss

  31. Mandie p. says:

    The Provolone and Colby Jack both look good. But then again, I never met a cheese I didn’t like!

  32. I’d love to try provolone… or wait, no colby-jack! errrr Both!

  33. Danielle Williams says:

    provolone and mild cheddar are my faves!!!

  34. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I’d love the Swiss for sandwiches

  35. Lyndsey R. says:

    Provolone & sharp cheddar.

    lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  36. Savannah Miller says:

    colby and pepperjack this is great in twice baked potatoes!

  37. Sargento® Ultra Thin Sliced Provolone Cheese

  38. I’m a fan of Provolone.

  39. provolone

  40. Brandi Elam says:

    I’ve love to try the Mild Cheddar.

  41. swiss with turkey is my favorite!!

  42. Swiss Cheese!

  43. I want to try the swiss cheese.

  44. Colby

  45. debbie jackson says:

    pepperjack is my fave for melting over grilled chicken djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  46. Definitely the provolone!

  47. I am looking forward to trying the Ultra Thin Mild Cheddar and the Provolone. :)

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    Sargento® Ultra Thin Sliced Provolone Cheese

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    I love Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheese….couldn’t live with out either one!

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    Yay For Sargento Ultra Thin Sliced Provolone- makes me think of the good old Mom and Pop sandwich shops up North…I miss those!

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    Yum – colby jack would be awesome!

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    I’m looking forward to trying the mild cheddar! Thank you for the giveaway!

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    mild cheddar

  71. I like swiss and colby.

  72. oh looks delish


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