Wordless Wednesday: I Heart Hamburgers

I usually don’t write any sort of comment on my Wordless Wednesday posts but all of the other cool kids are doing it, so I figured I can too.  This pic was taken a couple of weeks ago outside one of my favorite local fast food restaurants – Phil’s Icehouse!  From the food to the attached Amy’s Ice Cream shop (think Cold Stone only better) to the playscape, what’s not to like about this restaurant?!  I haven’t seen a national chain with a sign this awesome before!


  1. I’m not a fan but Johnny LOVES them. His favorite restaurant is Red Robin. lol

  2. That’s awesome. I love signs that haven’t gone all modern.

  3. I just looked up their menu and my stomach growled! Now if only there was one up here!

  4. Where is it?! I need to talk my hubs into a drive to find THAT burger place! And that sign IS awesome!

  5. Terrific vintage look to it.

  6. I love the vintage feel! I love hamburger joints too – just by the looks of the sign, I bet this one is great!

  7. I know what you mean, I can’t keep it wordless (not that I”m cool). Ha!

    I love that shot! If I owned a hamburger joint I would have that sign. :)

  8. That sign is so cool! I would eat there just to check out the sign :) I simply cannot be wordless, I always need to explain my photos!

  9. That is a pretty darn sweet lookin’ sign. And it’s really for a chain restaurant? Crazy!

    • So far they only have two locations. I don’t know if that actually constitutes a chain, but I’m going with it.

  10. Love the sign – it’s definitely got character. It reminds me of driving thru Wildwood, NJ when I was growing up and seeing all the funky motel signs. Signs just aren’t as fun anymore. Sigh.

    • We have a few motels around here with signs like you’re talking about. Retro is trendy now, so these motels are pricier than you’d think.

  11. I have to look up the Austin location the next time I am in Texas visiting friends!

    • I have a long list of suggestions for you if you’re in Austin. And if you come this way, we should meet up!

  12. Pretty cool sign.

  13. Awesome sign, and it sounds like a great place to eat!

  14. My kids would head straight for the Ice Cream shop.

  15. Never heard of this place, but I do love me some cheeseburgers 😉

  16. Whata cool picture!

  17. Carolyn G says:

    That’s a great photo. Love that sign

  18. Makes me want to go!

  19. We certainly don’t have those here – fast food? I would never have guessed that was fast food :)

  20. Wow, pretty awesome. I heart burgers too.

  21. I like local places better too!

  22. What a fun sign.

  23. We haven’t been there… yet :) Love Amy’s though :)

    • Melissa you need to go! I prefer it over P Terry’s and Mighty Fine (although I like them too) because there are more options, a playscape, AND Amy’s!

  24. Love the lighting in that shot!

  25. looks like a pretty cool place! I love local restaurants so much better than chains, too!

  26. That’s a cool sign! I think most places are getting lazy with signs, they used to be cool like this!

  27. That is classic! It’s that kind of character that’s missing here in Cali!

  28. That really is a cool sign!

  29. Very neat sign, thanks for sharing.

  30. Cool photo–I like the vintage feel to match the vintage sign! Now tell me more about that ice cream shop. 😀

    • Their signature flavor is Mexican Vanilla, they have tons of mix-in’s, and they have alcoholic flavors. Have I sold you yet?!

  31. April Decheine says:

    This is an awesome shot, makes me want to head on in!

  32. That’s is a pretty awesome sign!!

  33. That is a pretty sweet sign!

  34. Never heard of this place so I definitely don’t think we have one here.

    love the new design of the blog btw. :)

  35. That is a great sign!

  36. That sign is pretty cool.

  37. Awesome!

  38. better than coldstone?? Hmmmm :)

  39. I love the sign. I can eat here just for the sign! How awesome!

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