Saving Money on Back to School Shopping

For millions of Americans across the country, adults and kids alike, this time of year means one thing.  Back to school.

This fall is the start of many firsts and marks the first time I’ll be sending my older daughter (Cakes) to school.  Not back to school because she’s never been before, but to school for the first time.

Surprisingly, I’m handling the arrival of this new season in my life a lot better than I imagined.  A little pre-planning on my part is hopefully going to make the transition into preschool easier for the both of us.  Cakes attended a summer camp session at her future preschool so we both have a rough idea of what to expect.

Her first day of preschool is still over a week away, but Cakes is beyond excited and can’t stop talking about it.  With school of any type from preschool to college, there are fees associated with it and opportunities to save money.  I’m grateful to only be buying a few new outfits, a lunchbox, and a back pack but as she gets older I’ll be looking into other ways to save money like using Chegg Coupons for textbooks.

One of the things that has really made the promise of preschool even more enjoyable and exciting is being able to choose her own gear.  I couldn’t be more proud of her lunchbox and backpack as they’re throwbacks to my childhood – she chose a Muppets backpack and a Care Bears lunchbox.  She’s even taken to using her newly acquired accessories while playing.  I’m convinced going back to school with items you love can make a child more confident and create a positive association with attending school.  I’m hopeful her excitement for school is just the beginning of a lifetime love of learning!

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your back to school shopping, check out’s coupon here.

Have you finished your back to school shopping or has school already started?



  1. Who doesn’t love saving money. Both of my boys will be in full time school starting September 5th and all their supplies are purchased through the school’s PTA, so all I have to do is sit back and write a check. It’s pretty nice to be honest.

  2. So sweet. I saw photos in our local paper where Mom’s had taken first day of school photo and written in colored chaulk on the sidewalk in front of the child – First Day of ___ Grade and the date. I thought how cool….it would always be on the photo! Plus it was cute. I hope Cakes will love school.

  3. she seems lovely! and these are some great tips on how to save some money on the occasion.

  4. Cakes looks so cute with her backpack and lunchbox! It’s amazing how many expenses there are at this time of year. It’s good to save money where you can!

  5. I love saving money!

  6. You really smashed it once more my friend carry on the very good work I often get excitement from the articles!

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