How to Make Glitter Decorated Easter Eggs

Now that my daughters are getting older, I’m getting more and more festive during each holiday that passes.  I know that things can get way out of control and that certain holidays don’t really warrant any fan fair.  Before having children, I’d agree whole-heartedly that anything inflatable was cheesy and unbecoming and decorating at any time other than Christmas is just over the top.

Like I said my girls are getting older and I enjoy the magic that a holiday creates for them.  It doesn’t even require spending a lot of money to celebrate a holiday, just doing simple things can really leave an impression and brighten their day.  And honestly, this was the year of creating St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids, which while it required minimal effort is quite the change from past observances of wearing green or putting shamrocks on my bulldog.

Even with Easter, once I was an adult there hasn’t been much decorating that’s been done.  Yes, we still celebrated but before kids I didn’t put a lot of effort into anything other than eating copious amounts of Cadbury Creme Eggs or again, taking funny pictures of my English Bulldogs in costume.

This year I don’t want to break the bank with decorating.  Not only because holiday decorations are so specifically timed and short lived anyway, but also because Easter comes just two short weeks after St. Patrick’s Day this year.  So, this being my first year of spending more time decorating for each holiday has brought us to the year of the Easter egg.  My first project was even easier than this project and I placed some fake grass and plastic eggs in hurricanes I already had and used those as centerpieces on my dining table.

But I wanted something a little more.  Something a little more me and a little more sophisticated and adult.  So came the inspiration for these glitter decorated Easter eggs.  This project is really quite simple, takes minimal time, and money but is beautiful and unique – my idea of a perfect craft!

glitter easter eggs in vase

How to Make Glitter Decorated Easter Eggs


  • White eggs
  • Modge Podge
  • Ultra-fine glitter
  • Optional: paintbrush but will provide more even coverage
  • Optional: bamboo skewers or other thin craft stick to make glitter application easier
  • Optional: empty egg carton for drying


1.  Wash your eggs and dry them before starting as your mouth will touch the surface of the egg.

2.  Using a straight or safety pin, pierce the top and bottom of an egg.  Make sure the bottom hole is larger than the top hole to allow the egg to drain fully.

2.  Once your hole has been created, place your egg over a bowl and begin blowing forcefully through the small hole and continue until the contents are drained and only the shell remains.  Set aside.

Blown Easter Eggs
3.  Repeat this process for the number of eggs you’ll be using.  Using the eggs you’ve blown out is completely up to you.  I opted not to because small pieces of shell were in there but if you’re not feeding it to an infant and don’t mind a little shell, then have at it!

4.  Use a fine stream of water to completely rinse the entire shell.  You want to ensure there are no egg white or yolks remaining.  Set aside to dry.

5.  Once your eggshells are completely dry, apply a thin coat of Modge Podge or other craft adhesive using a paint brush to half the egg (or the entire egg if you elect to use the skewers/craft sticks).  Usually I shy away from using Modge Podge because I don’t feel like an amateur but I started with Elmer’s Glue and it just did not work the same.  Stick to the Modge Podge on this one.

6.  While holding your eggshell over a paper plate, gently shake glitter over egg ensuring you coat all surfaces.  This took two passes for me as I failed to plan for holding a Modge Podge covered egg in my hand and allowing it to dry.  My suggestion for you would be to also purchase bamboo skewers or another type of thin craft stick you could insert into the bottom opening of the egg to allow coating the entire surface to be covered and dry together.

7.  If you use the skewers to coat the entire egg with glitter you can turn an egg carton upside down and stick the other end of the skewer through the egg carton while everything sets and to collect any stray glitter.  Then repeat with remaining eggs.

8.  If you do not use the skewers, continue applying Modge Podge to only half of the egg, apply glitter and then place the non-glittered side down in an empty egg carton.

9.  Go ahead and coat the top half of the reamining eggs and allow adequate time to dry and the glitter to adhere before flipping over and continuing.

Glitter Easter Eggs

There you have it, glitter Easter eggs that are beautiful to display and easy to make.  Even the not so crafty can handle this project.

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How do you decorate for Easter?  Any quick and easy decorations you have to share?


  1. Those are very pretty

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  9. These are beautiful! I was just wondering yesterday, as I blew through 12 more eggs for Easter decorating, if anyone else was still blowing eggs. So cool to see you mention it! I will have to try this method, I have a bottle of Mod Podge right here and kids are asking for something different. Thanks for the great idea!

  10. They turned out absolutely beautiful!

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