3 Ways to Prepare for the Perfect Movie Night

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved movie night.  The way movies managed to completely transfix me by transporting me to a different place in space and time allowing me to fully escape everything going on in my life.

I remember the summer before I started middle school laying in front of the TV and watching movie after movie.  My love for movies and quoting them even led me to continuously play and pause the movie so I could write the entire script down for easier memorization (pre-Internet days).

Even as an adult, watching movies together has always been something my husband and I have enjoyed doing.  There was a period of several years that it was rare a Tuesday passed without picking up a new movie.  Before we started having kids our personal movie collection had grown to over 800 films.

Kids are expensive and don’t share (nor would we want them to) our taste in movies so once we expanded our family our movie collection stopped growing.  So has the time we’ve been able to dedicate to watching new movies.

Planning the perfect movie night isn’t as easy as it once was.  Understandably, making things run seamlessly or was close to perfect as possible with two little ones requires some preparation and planning.  I know other parents probably have similar feelings so that’s why I want to brainstorm some helpful tips that will help you prepare for your next movie night.  Whether that be with kids, or without.

Popcorn for Movie Night

3 Ways to Prepare for the Perfect Movie Night

1.)  Know your audience.  Planning a movie night for a group of friends, date night with your spouse, or the entire family are each completely different.

2.)  Create an experience.  Just because you’re watching a movie at home doesn’t mean you can’t have the theater experience.  Dim the lights, pop the popcorn, and turn off your cell phones.  Shut out the rest of the world and focus on enjoying a good movie with the rest of your audience.

movie night snacks

3.)  Choose your movie wisely.  Time is always something that most of us are lacking in so wasting time on a not-so-great movie is disappointing.  So that’s why when I plan a movie night now, I try to consult reviews to find critics that share a similar opinion so I don’t waste precious time on flicks that are likely to disappoint.

Pop Secret has partnered with Rotten Tomatoes in creating a new Find Your Critic tool.  Find Your Critic was designed to help you find critics that share your taste in movies.  No longer are you taking such a big risk when watching a new movie by potentially sacrificing precious time by falling victim to a movie that is mediocre and just doesn’t meet your taste.

Using the tool is simple, just follow these easy tips!

  1. Rate 12 films using the Find Your Critic tool.
  2. Find Your Critic will compare your movie ratings with other critics at Rotten Tomatoes and display the results of the critics that most closely match how you rate movies.
  3. Movies that you have rated and continue to rate will continue to update and further determine your best critic matches.
  4. By following your critic’s reviews, you’ll be able to see how they rated movies and be able to make your next movie night a success!

Are you ready to plan your perfect movie night now?  Get started picking the perfect movie for you with the Rotten Tomatoes Film Critic Tool today!

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At Pop Secret, we love movies as much as you love movies. That’s why we created the Find Your Critic tool with Rotten Tomatoes. It helps you figure out which movie critics you should listen to. All you have to do is rate some movies and the tool figures out which critics share your taste in movies. It even helps you follow your critics’ new movie reviews and recos. So when it comes to enjoying movies, the only thing you have to worry about is which kind of Pop Secret to make. Check it out!

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  1. These are good tips! This is why we watch a lot of cartoons here :) And we love popcorn!

  2. I am so glad to have learned about this tool. I currently give a movie 10 minutes and if it hasn’t hooked me by that point, I turn it off. It helps me not waste as much time, but I’ve still lost plenty of 10 minute blocks! This will help prevent even that from happening!

  3. Cool app. It would be very interesting to know which critics share my taste in movies. I’ve been trying to find time to watch Skyfall. I’ll have to include snacks to make it more festive.

  4. Great post. We rent a movie or two every week typically. It’s a great way to save a few bucks and stay in as a family. Also, my wife and kids LOVE the air popped popcorn. LOL.

  5. Popcorn is a MUST when we sit down for movie night – whether it’s just myself & the hubby or a family movie with the kids. That tool sounds really cool. I will have to check it out.

  6. Great tips and super cute! I love family movie nights… and good popcorn! :)

  7. These are some really great ideas – and creative, too!

  8. Fantastic tips! I’ll have to check out the Rotten Tomatoes tool, it sounds really fun. My husband, son, and I love to watch new movies and we’re always excited to see if anything good comes out each Tuesday.

  9. I really love popcorn and a movie! Its just not complete without it, am I right?


  10. Popcorn always helps make a perfect movie night!

  11. I love the idea of reading a review or two before sitting down to a family movie night. This could hopefully alleviate any movie choices with unfriendly scenes or language!

  12. That is such an awesome tool–I’m going to have to check it out! We haven’t had a movie night in so long.

  13. Good tips! I didn’t know about the critic tool!

  14. thanks for the info on the critic tool! And it hardly seems a movie night with out popcorn! We love Pop Secret

  15. Great tips. I will have to keep this in mind for when my daughter is old enough to have a movie night with.

  16. Our family LOVES popcorn and it’s a must for movie night!

  17. I can’t wait to use that find a critic tool!

  18. Oh, how fun! Looks like a perfect movie night.

  19. Love movie night! We used to do it all the time, but now DH and I work different nights. Not too much longer and I’ll be able to get Nick to sit and watch a whole movie with me.

  20. Love having movie nights with my wife and kids! Sadly we don’t get many opportunities at the moment, newborn effect! But I know those nights will return! :)

  21. We used to go to the movies all the time – once a week, just like you. But now, because of finances, we too stay at home and watch them on BluRay so thanks for the tips on how to pick out the right movie.
    And of course… it goes without saying that you have to have Popcorn while watching.

  22. I’ve heard about their Find Your Critic tool! I used to always use Rotten Tomatoes as a guide, so this sounds good!

  23. Turning off the cell phones is a good one. I find myself on mine sometimes, and missing parts of the movie.

  24. That is one thing that we always do when we are watching a movie together. Turn off cell phones!

  25. We love movie nights and have plenty of them here at home! Popcorn is a must!

  26. Popcorn is a must have for movie night. Good tips!

  27. I really need to check out this app. We love to have movie nights.

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