2 Week Plastic Surgery Update with Before & After Pictures

Time flies when you’re having fun.  It’s now been two weeks since I had my breast augmentation surgery!  I think recovering from my first surgery is a bit like childbirth – the more time passes, the less you remember about the pain and discomfort and just enjoy the outcome.  For some reason even with the experience still fresh, I’m forgetting a lot quicker this time around.

But I don’t just want to share my thoughts on the post op experience.  When I was researching the procedure, before and after breast augmentation pictures is what I wanted to see.  Plastic surgeon’s are proud to show their before and after pictures, but I want to show how things look like in the early stages and how much better my clothes fit.

After Implant Sizers

Breast Augmentation Pre-Op Appointment with Silicone Implant Sizers

Last week when I shared my breast augmentation story, I hadn’t yet gone to my one week follow up appointment at Westlake Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery.  While at the appointment, Dr. Craven examined my incisions which were healing nicely with only a few traces of a scab left.  He gave a demonstration on how I was to perform my new breast implant massage routine.  Something that I’ll be doing a minimum of three times a day for six months.  And we discussed my compression strap.

1 Week Post Op with strap

Breast Augmentation: 1 Week Post Op with Compression Strap

For the week following surgery, I had to sport a not-so attractive compression strap at all times, except while showering.  I know the strap was serving a purpose in pushing the implants down and speeding along things, but as the name suggests this device is not meant for comfort.  And compression and swelling don’t often play well together, resulting in some discomfort.  Fortunately, at my one week appointment Dr. Craven threw my strap away!

1 Week Post Op No Strap

Breast Augmentation After 1 Week Post Op Appointment – no compression strap!

Today has been two weeks since my breast augmentation and while I wasn’t supposed to have been seen until my two month follow up, I had to return to the office again.  I’m choosing to blame it on the medications I was on at my one week follow up, but somehow I convinced myself I didn’t completely grasp the breast implant massage techniques that were demonstrated for me.  Even my husband that accompanied me to the appointment wasn’t exactly sure I was doing things correctly.  I’m extremely paranoid about messing up Dr. Craven’s perfect breast augmentation, I called the office for advice.

Before Breast Implant Sizers

Before Breast Augmentation

The massage technique varies from patient to patient, so instead of giving me tips over the phone, they suggested I schedule an appointment for a refresher.  Although I was incredibly embarrassed (and more than just a little red in the face), I’m so glad I went back into the office to ensure I was doing my breast implant massage properly.  Since massage is such an important part of breast augmentation post operative care, it’s crucial to know how to massage your breasts and actually do it.   Even if you’re shy like I am, do not be afraid to call your plastic surgeon and ask questions.  The success of your surgery is important to them and they want things to be perfect.

2 Weeks Post Op Breast Augmentation Surgery

After Breast Augmentation Surgery: this is the same bra as in the pre-op sizing picture

For six weeks post-op I have to wear front closure, wireless sports bra.  Not something that I’d ever want to wear long term and something I would have agonized about wearing pre-op.  But now that I have breasts, I can wear this unattractive bra without shame because I no longer have to wear rely on under wire and padding to make me feel feminine and proportioned.

2 Weeks Post BA

After Breast Augmentation Picture

What do you think of the results?  Do you have any questions about breast augmentation surgery?


  1. Wow, this brings back memories. I had mine done like 14 years ago now. I remember questioning everything and I actually freaked out several times!! It’s all worth it in the end and you look totally amazing!

  2. You look amazing!!

  3. You look AMAZING! (But if you had asked me before, I would have said the same then!)

    I hope you are as happy with them as you look!! :)

  4. You are beautiful before and after!

  5. you do look amazing. you did before. but i will say….

    you have really nice boobies now?

    i mean, how can i say that and have it not be weird? but you’ve met me so it’s ok.

    I had a reduction 10 years ago. the size you went up to i wanted to go DOWN to LOL!

  6. Good for you! It’s nice to feel confident about yourself and if that means a breast augmentation, that so be it. You look beautiful before and after! <3

  7. You look so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You look great. It looks very natural

  9. He did a wonderful job! I’m having mine done this summer when my son is a little older. I carry him around too much right now and I hear you cannot lift anything heavy for 6 months? I’m very nervous but am confident I chose the right doctor (as recommended by the surgeon who did my rhinoplasty). Anyhoo — they look great, very natural!

  10. You look beautiful (both before and after!) Good luck as you continue to heal!

  11. You look great! Thank you for being brave enough to share your experience!

  12. Looking great!! I want to get breast implants too (one size is a cup bigger than the other one so I look weird). After seeing your results I want to do it even more than before!

  13. You look great in both before and after pictures, but the smile in your after pictures says it all!

  14. I see the results, looks like you recovered nicely too!

  15. I am glad you are very happy with your results, however you were beautiful before and are still beautiful after.

  16. You look great–but you always have! Prayers for continued recovery!

  17. You look great! And while this post was about your breasts, I couldn’t help but notice how flat your stomach is, what is your secret? I’ve been working out more these days trying to get my stomach to go flat again and nothing seems to work.

  18. You’re certainly brave for sharing this experience with us. You’re beautiful and it shows in all the pictures. The Pre-Op Appointment with Silicone Implant Sizers looks exactly like the after, he nailed it to a T. He did good.

  19. You look great. I’ve been contemplating a boob job, I’m just totally scared LOL!

  20. They look amazing! I can see why you wanted to have surgery. I had mine in 2005 and need to have them redone since I’ve lost so much weight and had a pregnancy after. You look beautiful and happy!!!

  21. I think you look fabulous! It’s been very informative following along with your surgery and kuddos to you for going for something you wanted.

  22. I clicked over from Twitter. I never would have thought about needing post-op massage (even though it makes total sense, especially from a scar tissue point of view). I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum from where you were–my boobs are too big–but it’s amazing how much of a quality of life issue body image can be. Your plastic surgeon did a fab job!

  23. You have always been beautiful…but now I can see that you feel beautiful. Way to go! Proud of you for having the courage to do it and then share your experience.

  24. I had no idea massage was so important after breast augmentation. My mom had the surgery several years ago, but never mentioned much about the process. You look fabulous!

  25. You look gorgeous as ever hon!! I think the boobs look perfect! I sooooo want to get mine done too! And I will when I have the money!

  26. You look fantastic and so confident now and I love that your willing to share details and since you asked here are my questions

    How do they feel? are they hard? if they are hard will they get softer.

    How much did it cost you? (message me that if you like)

    were there any tests you had to do prior to getting them like a mammogram? and do you still have to go for regular tests

    I’ve been contemplating getting them for yrs and now that I’m done having babies and breastfeeding I really would love to have my old shape back and I think that I’ll need a little bit more than a lift since I’m deflated :(

  27. You look amazing. You must be so happy.

  28. Well you know I already thought you were beautiful, but girl, that’s a nice set you’ve got there. I’m jealous. I’m still in the before stages and always will be. lol

  29. Awesome results! I would love to have a lift!

  30. You look amazing! And so happy too. :) I’m glad that everything went well and that you recovered so quickly (well, maybe it didn’t feel quick to you, but I can’t believe you’re already posting after photos!).

  31. I think you look great! I would love to have a lift.

  32. I wish women could just love and accept themselves (and others) for who they are, as they are.

  33. I will say that while you looked amazing before, if you are happy with it then that is what matters. You look great before and after.

  34. I’m glad that you’re healing up great and you are happy with how you look :)

  35. You look great! So glad the healing process went quickly for you.

  36. You look Uh-MAZING! AMAZING!!! Your doctor did a great job, they look natural but very full, and they are placed nicely (I’ve seen some bad jobs, eek!)…you were lovely before, but now you are a hot sexy mama! :)

  37. you look wonderful! (before and after!!) The op was a great success in my opinion!! wooooohooo!!

  38. You are beautiful in both the before and after pictures. So glad you are happy with the results… that really is the most important thing of all.

    Again, thanks for sharing your story. I know a lot of women wonder what plastic surgery is like, and it is so nice to read a first-hand account.

  39. You look great…gorgeous!!

  40. You’re one hawt mama! Thanks for sharing your story. I may be looking into having a little nip/tuck after I’ve weaned Gus and kind of had a chance to see what damage two breastfeeding babies did!

  41. Looks like they did a great job, and I am glad to hear the recovery was quick and easy.

  42. Wow you look fantastic!

  43. You look great, and you can almost see the difference in how you feel about yourself. I had no clue that there was so much you had to do after the surgery.

  44. You look great! This is something I’ve been contemplating for a while now – I never realized everything that went into it after the surgery.

  45. You look amazing!! I definitely plan on checking out this procedure when we are done with the babies!

  46. You look amazing. Everything looks natural and you’re beautiful anyway!

  47. Either way, you look fantastic! :)

  48. You look totally amazing!

  49. I’d love to have this done someday but my husband isn’t fond of the idea. You look amazing!

  50. Looks beautiful after the surgery. My sister would also like to have a breast augmentation surgery, It seems like she has no or little breasts. My concern is her age, she is just 18. Will there be problems during and after the surgery? Before talking to the surgeon, i would like to know if anyone had bad experience!

  51. Deb Bonine says:

    You look fabulous in the picture and in person! I am very happy that you are satisfied with the results so far. You have both the inner and outer beauty which is always a plus. I see a shopping trip coming up in the near future. I look forward to your upcoming posts. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  52. You look fantastic! I’m so excited for you and I love that you didn’t go huge. A certain family member of my husbands went way too large for her tiny body and she looks ridiculous. You look perfect. Congrats!

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