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Tips for Making Learning Fun with M&M’s #FueledbyMM #shop #cbias

These Tips for Making Learning Fun with M&M’s is part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias on behalf of their client. 


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Like any mom, I’m convinced my children are super smart.  The problem is my almost 5 year old, Cakes, is also strong willed.  Which means trying to expand her mind at home with things like workbooks is usually a no go.  I’m always on the search for creative ways to make learning fun.  And like any child, Cakes loves candy.  If given the option of any snack at the checkout, she’ll always choose M&M’s.  She loves them so much, we even used them for a little positive reinforcement while potty training.

What better way to use the colorful and delicious candies, than to use them to make learning more fun?!  Once we started playing with the M&M’s, the learning possibilities were endless.

1.  First, we used the M&M’s for categorizing.  Cakes separated each of the colors into their own containers.  This was also a good exercise in estimation.  When looking into the bag Cakes guessed that there were more red than any other color.  But after separating the colors out she was able to see that there were considerably more green and orange M&M’s.

You might notice the brown M&M’s are missing from this pic.  Cakes loves rainbows so decided to use the browns for snacking while she sorted.  There were fewer brown M&M’s in the bag than any other colors.

2.  Next we used M&M’s to work on creating letters and numbers.  Cakes had a great time spelling her name and other sight words she knows, as well as practicing her letters and numbers.

Pacman with Cherry Sprite

Xbox Logo Sprite

3.  Finally, the entire family got in on the action and created a game of pixel art Pictionary.  Each person took turns creating a pixel art image while the others tried to guess the picture.  It was such a fun learning experience that the whole family enjoyed.

M&M’s aren’t just a great tool for making learning fun, when combined with Forza 5 they make the perfect Christmas gift for men.

Gaming is Better with M

Gaming with M Pixel Art Contest

Are you ready to create your own pixel art images (sprites) using M&M’s?  Make sure you enter for your chance to win an amazing Xbox One gaming with M pack grand prize!

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  • Enter to win between 12/4-12/18.
  • Lucky winner will be chosen at random.

M&M Forza 5 Promotion

Make sure to take advantage of the awesome Buy, Snap, Redeem promotion that’s currently running.

  • Buy the Forza Motorsport 5 game for Xbox One.
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What type of pixel art image would you create with M&M’s?

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  1. Our Elf on the Shelf gets creative with M&M’s, but that’s about it in our house because I would eat more than I could create with lol.

  2. Nice work!! I entered the contest as well, it was a challenge but so much fun!

  3. This is such a fun and delicious way to learn!

  4. What a great and fun way to learn……so cute. The pac man is very adorable.

  5. Nice ! I love the m&m Pictionary – how long did it take to make each “picture”?

  6. Anything is better with M & M. First time hearing about Forza Motorsport 5, might have to check it out.

  7. Lol, I would have been even more interested in learning if my parents had used m&ms as a learning tool! Neato idea.

  8. Cute! I just used M&Ms in a science class to do a series of experiments on dissolving the coating in water. The kids loved it.

  9. so creative! my daughter “squishes” all the colors she doesn’t like. This might be a better activity!

  10. Cute!! My son would love to do this.. Off to buy some M&Ms now!!

  11. How absolutely fun AND educational!

  12. What a fun way to learn! You can engage all senses during the lessons

  13. We used M&Ms as potty training rewards here. I have not tried using them for sorting and estimating. I like those ideas and will definitely have to try them out.

  14. Ha! My daughter saw this and she wants to make pixel art with Zelda characters :)

  15. How neat is that! I need to have my daughter enter that contest.

  16. That sounds like a really fun game! I love what you guys game up with :)

  17. My son plays “teams” with his M&Ms – that is making football plays with his M&Ms. He threw a massive fit because he wanted candy before supper, but when we realized it wasn’t to eat, but to play with, we gave in. And he played for an hour!

  18. How fun! I love this idea. My oldest would have a great time with this… until my youngest came along and shoved all the M&Ms into his mouth. ;)

  19. Oh, how fun and creative! That’s one surefire way to make learning enjoyable. :)

  20. What a creative and yummy way to learn!

  21. So easy, yet fun and a great thing to nibble on while crafting.

  22. How did you prevent them from eating them?!

  23. M&Ms are so fun for teaching! I use them in my classroom to graph, compare and do addition and subtraction with — my son likes to sort them by colors. Plus they make perfect potty training tools :)

  24. The possibilities are endless here. I love the Pac Man!

  25. oh wow they are so creative! I love how everything forms up nicely!

  26. And how do you keep her from cramming them all in her mouth at once? LOL. We used M&Ms for potty training too. Highly recommend.

  27. This reminds me that when I used to quiz the kids in high school for tests, I’d give them little M&M’s along the way. Fun! I love that PacMan!

  28. Stop it…I can eat M&M’s and actually learn something? Well, you know…teach something? GENIUS! :)


  29. I love using M&Ms for learning! We would make MineCraft characters, I am sure!

  30. I used to bribe my kids to do math with M & M’s when they were little. Anything to get candy!


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