April H-E-B Primo Picks



As an H-E-B Ambassador, I am sent promotional products to try out.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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As an  H-E-B Ambassador, I’m fortunate to try out frequent samplings of the Primo Picks you can find featured inside your local store every month.  to aid in your holiday party planning.  This month’s Primo Picks are varied but can really work well for those looking for new products to include in a quick weeknight dinner or family BBQ!



H-E-B Primo Picks for April

  • All Natural Pressels: think flattened pretzel, all the flavor of a pretzel but with a cracker-like crispiness.
  • Central Market Multigrain Chip in Smoked Gouda: baked chips with 5 different grains, finished off with the flavor of smoked Gouda
  • H-E-B Pesto: authentic Italian flavors that are great for use on pasta, sandwiches, or burgers
  • Sacla Squeezy Tomato Pesto: these easy squeeze containers make it easy to take the flavor of pesto anywhere you go
  • H-E-B Pickle Me Relish: why buy two condiments when this one does the job of yellow mustard and pickle relish
  • H-E-B The Chip Cookies: crispy cookies made with up to 40% chocolate chips

H-E-B makes finding new products easy for shopper by featuring them in the Primo Picks flyer and with the helpful signs in front of the Primo Picks on the shelves of your local store.

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Which of the April Primo Picks are you most interested to try?


  1. Those multi grain chips sound really good. I am a big snacker, so I love things like that.

  2. oooh so so healthy!! this is good!

  3. Unfortunately there aren’t any HEBs near me, but if there was I would try the Pickle Me Relish. Especially since it is grilling season – it would go great on hot dogs.

  4. Those multi-grain chips looks good and pair them up with some ranch dip, I’m sure they would be amazing.

  5. The chip cookies and the pressels look awesome!

  6. The Pesto sounds delicious. I get tired of the same ole condiments on my sandwiches. The Pesto would be get to mix things up a bit.

  7. We always buy the ‘name’ brand Pretzel Chips so I bet we would like the taste and savings of the H-E-B branded ones. I wish they had H-E-B’s in North Texas…cough, cough (if anyone is reading this…), I know we have Central Market but it’s not the same 😉

  8. We don’t have a HEB here, wish we did! If we did, I’d love to try the Pressels and the multi-grain chips!

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