Foaming Hand Soap Tutorial + How to Teach Kids to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

This Foaming Hand Soap Tutorial and How to Teach Kids to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day is part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. #WalgreensOlogy


How-to-Teach-Kids-to-Celebrate-Earth-Day-Every-Day + DIY Foaming Hand Soap Tutorial #Walgreensology #shop

With Earth Day coming up, it’s common to feel a certain social responsibility to help make the planet a better place to live in for ourselves and our children.  However, kids need consistency so urging them to do something to protect the planet once a year may not be the best approach.  As I was thinking about how I wanted to approach sharing the concept of Earth Day I decided I would start making an effort to show them every day different ways they can make a difference to better their health and the environment.

Cakes has really been outspoken lately about her desire to pitch in and help out with the housework.  Not one to say no to help cleaning, I gave her a few chores which would help out but that she quickly tired of.  There’s only so many times you can clean baseboards with socks on your hands before wanting to do something more.  I wasn’t ready to let her help with anything that involved more than water for fear of exposing her to harsh fumes from cleaners.

Walgreens Ology In Store Pic #WalgreensOlogy #shop
Last week I had some time to kill before picking up Cakes from preschool so I stopped by the Walgreens near her school.  I was so glad I popped in because I found a ton of great products by Ology and exclusively carried at Walgreens.  Not only cleaning products, but 100% tree-free paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, copy paper, and more!) and personal care products as well.  Ology makes it easy to find products that will help us leave a happier, healthier world for future generations.

Ology-Cleaning-Products #Walgreensology #shop
So Cakes can safely assist with cleaning, I picked up some Ology Laundry Detergent, Ology Glass Cleaner, Ology Dish Soap, and Ology All-Purpose Cleaner.  By choosing Ology products that are free from 10 harmful chemicals (ammonia, chlorine bleach, DEA (diethanolamine), TEA (triethanolamine), parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, nonylphenol ethoxylates, triclosan, SLS, and SLES) I can teach my girls how to clean without worry.  It’s so important to educate kids in the process about you’re making conscious decisions to avoid these chemicals such as protecting the Earth and your family’s health.
Safe-Help-Cleaning-with-Ology #WalgreensOlogy #shop

Limiting exposure to chemicals isn’t just for cleaning your house, it’s for cleaning your body as well.  I wouldn’t willingly slather harmful chemicals all over my children, so ensuring that their laundry is washed without chemicals and their hair and bodies are cleaned without them is so important.  Once again, Ology had me covered and I was able to find laundry detergent that I’ll use with my dryer balls, as well as Ology White Pear & Cucumber Shampoo, Conditioner, Oatmeal & Honey Bar Soap, and Lavender Castile Soap. I love all the products the products we picked up because of how effective and affordable they are.

Ology Personal Care Products Available Exclusively at Walgreens #WalgreensOlogy #shop
In an effort to rid our home and my children of even more harmful chemicals with help from Ology, I created a super easy Foaming Hand Soap Tutorial for you.

DIY Foaming Hand Soap Tutorial #Walgreensology #shop

  1. Fill an empty foaming soap dispenser (that you’ve saved to use again, of course) with water, leaving about an inch and a half to spare.
  2. Then, add 3 tablespoons of Ology Lavender Castile Soap to empty container.  Don’t add the soap first or the entire mix will foam and bubble over making it impossible to get the right consistency.
  3. Insert pump, tighten, and slowly swirl mixture to combine.
  4. Wash those hands!

Don’t forget to teach your kids to celebrate Earth Day every day by stressing the importance of recycling.  We’ve recycled as many items as we’ve been able to since my daughters were born, but giving that little extra commentary about why you’re rinsing out the Ology bottles (which are made from 100% post-consumer materials) or breaking down Ology toilet paper rolls is super important just to reinforce that message and the message to protect the planet on Earth Day and every day.

Be sure to watch this video on Mom’s Cool Things below!

The Ology brand is endorsed by Healthy Child Healthy World, an organization dedicated to creating healthy environments for all children.  Be sure to stay up to date on all the latest from Ology by following Ology on Twitter and Facebook.  To find a Walgreens store near you carrying Ology, check out the store locator.

How do you teach your kids about Earth Day?


  1. KELLY! This is awesome! My son loves foaming hand soap, I’ve never thought to make my own.

  2. Well that is easy! I never thought of making my own foaming hand soap, but I might have to try it :)

  3. I need to start making my own soap. I didn’t realize how easy it was.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial, and the info on the Ology products. I agree that it is great to have the kids get involved in cleaning, but if they are too young, the “traditional” cleaning products can be dangerous for them to use (just writing that makes me wonder why I ever use/used them).

    One of my sons’ morning chores is to go around and make sure all of the upstairs lights are turned off before we head down for breakfast – that’s one small way we are teaching the boys to be more earth-friendly.

  5. Seriously, it is that easy to make your own? All these years and I have been buying it. I never knew I could make my own.

  6. ohhhh i didn’t know we can do this!! I’ve been too reliant on the stores!!

  7. This is so cool. I had no idea you could make your own foaming soap!!

  8. I Love Love Love Castile soap!! I haven’t heard of this brand before. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Great products and I thank you for the foaming soap tutorial! I pinned it because I will definitely be using that soon.

  10. Neat products. Look forward to giving them a whirl with the family.

  11. I’ve not seen these products before. I’m going to check out my local Walgreen’s to see if they carry them.

  12. Thanks for the how-to and the 411 on Ology. I had not heard of that line before but now will have to try it out. I am all for reducing the amount of chemicals in our home.

  13. I”m going to try that. What a money saver this will be!

  14. What a wonderful tutorial! Also, that’s pretty cool that the video has the mom from Pretty Little Liars (I love that show!).

  15. Thank you for sharing the foaming soap tutorial. I have a couple of foaming dispensers that are empty that I didn’t know what to do with and now I can get great re-use out of them!

  16. That’s so easy – I never knew it was so simple to make your own foaming hand soap!

  17. Our son is all about the foaming soap! Apparently, it is a big deal when you are 6 :)
    I am always looking for better, greener products, so I will have to check out this brand. Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. Thanks for the tutorial. I do prefer foaming hand soap. This is a good way to save money.

  19. I am really happy with this new line. Foaming handsoap is fun for the kids too. Thanks!

  20. Nice, my kids wash their hands so much better with foaming soap. But I had no idea it was so easy to make!

  21. Thanks for the tutorial. I love oology products and use the bod y wash for my kids

  22. I really want to try this Ology out! I’m really into chemical free stuff and this looks great.

  23. I had no idea you could make your own foaming soap! Thanks for the tutorial. Also, I agree, if we all recycled, we could make a huge difference!

  24. Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  25. I didn’t see the Castille soap – but I’ll have to go in and look again!

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