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When animals are important to you, they’re more like part of the family than just a pet.  English Bulldogs are notorious for their health issues.  Our English Bulldog, Dude, is no exception.  He’s had his fair share of surgeries and health issues over his almost 7 years, but like any of my children I would do anything to ensure he’s happy and healthy.

We’ve heard it said that once moving to Texas it’s only a matter of time before you develop allergies.  That’s been true for myself, husband, and oldest daughter and this year it’s become true for Dude as well.

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Poor Dude deals with most of the typical dog allergy symptoms like itching, gnawing, and  red eyes.  No one wants to see a sick pet, so after seeing him suffer and not knowing if it was just temporary or environmental or where exactly it was stemming from, we took him to the veterinarian for the official diagnosis.  I was somewhat hopeful his allergy issues could be solved with over the counter medications and it can, but only when used in addition to a prescription allergy medication.

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I’ve been using the Walgreens Mobile App for several months to monitor Dude’s medications, but it wasn’t until recently it occurred to me to see if his medication was available at Walgreens.  As much as I love our vet, I know that the markup on prescriptions is a little ridiculous.  I was so excited to find out that Walgreens not only offers Atopica but is less than I’ve been paying!   My life just got easier and more streamlined because I can avoid an extra stop during my busy week.

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Filling and refilling Dude’s prescriptions is super easy too with the Walgreens App.  I just login to my Family Prescription Management account and can add Dude to my online pharmacy account along with the other members of the family making refills faster and easier.  I love how affordable and convenient filling Dude’s prescriptions is by refilling medications for pets at Walgreens!

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From previous experience I know that boys will be boys and there will be random prescriptions that pop up from time to time for Dude.  Walgreens is now my first place for cost comparison before automatically filling Dude’s prescription at the vet.  Since veterinarians often prescribe the same medications for pets as people use, there’s a good chance that it can be filled at one of 8,000 Walgreens locations nationwide.

Walgreens Pet Medications #shop #walgreensrx

Dude is now feeling pretty great!  He’s less itchy, doesn’t have to hide inside, and is getting more family time since we’re not running all over town tracking down his medications!

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Have you tried out Walgreens for pet medications?


  1. What a cutie! I love the convenience of getting pet medicine at Walgreens instead of at the vets!

  2. Unfortunately Walgreens isn’t able to get the prescription we need for our cat. Instead they gave us a human form (unbeknownst to us) and our cat got sicker and sicker. We finally realized the mistake and they told us if we wanted the correct dosage, it would be $700!! So instead we went to a specialty pharmacy for pets and got the same prescription for $68. So, they aren’t high on my list for getting the job done as far as pet prescriptions.

  3. I never knew that walgreens offered pet meds. This counts as my something new in the lessons learned category

  4. Unfortunately, we have sickly dogs. It is convenient being able to get their Rx from Walgreens.

  5. I wonder how the prices compare to my normal pet supplier — this seems pretty convenient!

  6. He’s just adorable! Love him with the glasses! I am going to check into getting pet meds at Walgreen’s.

  7. Dude has quite the personality! Glad you have found a way to offer him relief. I can’t stand allergies… I can only imagine how a dog must feel. #client

  8. Love the picture of him in the sunglasses. So cute! #client

  9. Aww look at his face!! My favorite is the picture at the end when he is feeling better!

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