Home Renovation: Formal Dining Room to Laundry Room+Pantry DIY




I’d like to welcome the newest contributor to Texas Type A Mom, my cousin Kasey.  She stays at home with two of the cutest little guys you’ll ever meet, but is loving the opportunity to flex her creative muscles on Texas Type A Mom! 

Demolition and rebuilding is something we look forward to as adults.  I know personally, I am always excited to start new projects around my house and make something look different and function better. I love watching something I dream up turn into a reality by my hard work, well, let’s face it ladies, more of my husband’s hard work, it is such a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, I tend to forget quickly all the barriers you face when doing “the dirty work”.  It takes a lot of effort to plan a project, set a budget, allow for mishaps and unexpected obstacles, and get everything you want and expect, especially when tackling projects you have never attempted before.

Before getting started on our latest adventure,  my husband and I closed off a wall, laid wood laminate flooring, removed trim and brought in the washer and dryer.

Laundry Room Pantry Demo 3

For example, this weekend, my husband and I started building cabinets in our soon to be laundry room/ pantry, which when we first moved in was a formal dining room that we knew would just collect dust (we are not the formal dining type to say the least) and we did not want to go to the 3rd level of our house to complete the task of laundry which is already such a tedious task for us, not to mention that it will be a feature that will help sell this home in the future.

With enthusiastic attitudes, a Google Sketch-up drawing that my dear husband created, and a general concept of how to build something from wood, we got started. We enlisted the help of one of my husband’s brothers who had a tad bit more experience in this field and we headed to Lowe’s. From there Dave (my brother-in-law) directed us to all the supplies we would need to accomplish the cabinets we had drawn out. $746 dollars, a few extra tools my husband “just had to have” and an hour and half later we were loading the vehicle and headed back to our home to GET THIS PROJECT STARTED!

Here is a list of all the supplies we needed to get started:

  • Plywood (9 Sheets)
  • 3 inch coarse dry-wall screws
  • Wood Caulk
  • Liquid nails
  • 2×4’s (9)
  • Circular Saw
  • Screw driver
  • Drill
  • Tape measure


Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I continue to update with more pictures, project mishaps, organizing tips, must haves and more ways you can repurpose a room in an entirely new way!


  1. Hi Kasey! Good for you for taking this project on yourselves. My husband and I are much too lazy and would pay good money for a contractor :)

  2. I love when you do things yourself. It makes it so much more rewarding. Can’t wait to see it as you go.

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress!

  4. Can’t wait to see the end result. I don’t think I could live without my dedicated laundry room and pantry areas, it keeps everything else in the house so much less cluttered because I have those spaces.

  5. Can’t wait to see how everything look once it’s finished!

  6. wow I feel when someone does DIY work, it is super admirable! No one in my family can do it.

  7. Welcome Kasey. Looks like you have a great project underway. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

  8. I just had my husband redo our laundry room. Actually it’s more like a closet but we upgraded to some fancy Whirlpool Duets and it’s saved a ton of space!

  9. This is a really great idea. Not too many people use formal dining rooms anymore.

  10. Nice to meet you Kasey, and congrats on the exciting makeovers! I’m not a formal dining room kind of girl…we always have bbws or buffets, nothing sit down, so I’d do the same.

  11. We do everything ourself and it is nice to see when it’s all done.. that we did it.

    Nice to meet you Kasey :)

  12. So awesome that you are doing this yourself! You really do save so much money!!

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