Vacation Must Have: Quilted Northern Ultra Plush




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We’re on our annual beach vacation in paradise this week. With a conference, Mother’s Day, preschool graduation, and packing, I never thought I’d actually survive (sane) and make it to the beach. But somehow as it always happens, I did.

Sailboat at Sunset
All of that time spent packing and toiling over packing choices was not in vain though. You see our entire family vacations together. And our family is not complete without our 70 pound bulldog, Dude. The boy has never been boarded and as long as we can help it, will never be boarded. So, on top of of all of the usual clothes, toiletries, and beach supplies we also have to bring along dog supplies as well.

Then there’s the other household food and supplies that keep us comfortable while traveling. For the last two years, we’ve booked the same townhouse and will continue to do so because of it’s great Gulf-front location, reasonable rates, and a friendly floor plan that works for our family’s routine.

We have several vacation must have’s when we visit the beach that might not be items you’d usually associate with a family beach trip.  Things like night lights, a floor fan, and laundry detergent are musts.

Vacation Must Have Quilted Northern Ultra Plush
This year, in addition to our typical gear, I also brought along some Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper.  From our previous visits, I know how pathetic the supplied toilet paper can be for my own comfort let alone with a potty training toddler that has really excelled partially by using a toilet tissue that’s soft on her bum.  Plus, when your 5 year old runs into the house needing to go potty right then and is still wet from saltwater, that other stuff just breaks apart.  But the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush is not only soft but also strong, holding up to the excess moisture from the beach and does the job right.

Including Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper as part of of our packing list for vacation was definitely a first for us, but I see us bringing it along on future trips as well.  For next year, I could also see bringing some all-purpose cleaner and napkins (not just paper towels).  It’s funny how much of a difference the small comforts of home can make on a vacation.

Ready to try out Quilted Northern Ultra Soft toilet paper which is not only super soft but also strong?  Check out Quilted Northern on Facebook for coupons and the latest news!

What’s an unusual or unorthodox item that you bring on vacation?


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I’ve never had to bring my own TP with me on a vacation because usually the hotel provides it – and I jam pack my suitcases, so there is little room for anything bulky like that :)

  2. If I was going camping, I’d definitely bring plenty of TP along!

  3. Ha! I never thought about bringing my own toilet paper on vacation.. but then again, I’ve never been camping- maybe in that case I would!

  4. I had to “train” my hubby because he thought that I was absolutely nuts. Toilet tissue matters. Off brands? They’re a no-no. :)

  5. Haha!!! I never thought of bringing my own toilet paper on vacation before, but it may be something I have to do in the future! Even when just staying in a hotel, some of that stuff just doesn’t cut it! 😉

  6. We have three dogs so there is no way I would bring them on vacation with us. That would get a bit crazy.

  7. I actually agree, you never know what you need on the road or away from home, and this is on that list!

  8. We always keep a roll in the car, because you just never know! I bring along air freshener when we go on vacation. Hotel rooms/rentals can often smell musty ick, so it helps make the space more ‘homey’ with either a plug-in or a Renuzit cone.

  9. It definitely is a bummer when you arrive to a fun family vacation to realize they have bad toilet paper stocked! Great idea to pack your own!

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