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Playing in the Sand
At the end of May we were blessed to find ourselves once again back at the beach on our annual family vacation.  I don’t know about you, but for us, everything is more fun at the beach!  We spent a lot of time splashing in the water, hunting for shells, and playing tag.

Just because we were on vacation and school is out for summer, that doesn’t mean we didn’t try to find (or create) teaching opportunities for the girls.  We made an effort to point out the different birds, sea life, and even flowers and trees we saw while we were in Florida.  Coming indoors, the learning opportunities didn’t end, they had only just begun.

Inspired by the Emily’s Experiment video, we decided to try an experiment and have a physics lesson of our own. In the video, Emily tests out the strength of Quilted Northern Ultra Plush by placing various objects on the outstretched toilet paper to see how it holds up.  I’ve already told you how Quilted Northern is my unusual vacation must have and how we’ve all fallen in love with how super soft and absorbent Quilted Northern Ultra Plush is, but we were even more impressed by how strong it is too.

Quilted Northern Frisbee Test

Quilted Northern Water Toy Airplane Experiment

Since we were at the beach and had a limited supply of objects to use, Cakes helped us by finding some beach themed items we could use.  Quilted Northern Ultra Plush never broke under the weight of every object we tried testing on it including an airplane beach toy, fully inflated beach ball, frisbee, or stuffed animal.  In fact, even with all the stretching, prodding, and weight from these various objects we used the same span of Quilted Northern for the entire experiment!

Beach Ball Experiment

Quilted Northern Sea Lion Test with Helpers

How’s that for a fun teaching opportunity on vacation?  Have you ever used toilet paper for an experiment?

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  1. who knew you could have so much fun with TP –thanks for sharing the fun ideas-looks like they had a great time :)

  2. We spend as much time at the beach as possible over the summer. We finally have the right weather for it and are totally taking advantage of it.

  3. We haven’t ever used toilet paper for a teaching opportunity – but I love what you’ve done to see how much weight it’ll hold!!

  4. How much fun are you having with Quilted Northern! We use their towels at home and they are awesome!

  5. Angela S says:

    You are so clever to use tp in such an educational way! It’s amazing how strong this brand of paper is.

  6. Such a neat idea – and educational and fun too! Love it.

  7. That is a great lesson in recycling also. One minute a science experiment, the next butt wipe.

  8. wow this is so good! And so creative!

  9. That’s some strong TP to bear the weight of all those sea objects! What a fun and educational experiment.

  10. WOW! That paper looks super strong!

  11. For a baby shower game, but not for kids education, although that’s a neat idea!

  12. What a fun family science lesson! We have so many objects at home that would be perfect for this experiment! Great idea in the classroom too!

  13. What a great idea. Fun + Toilet paper + Science is probably the best recipe for a good time in my opinion. I had no idea Quilted Northern was so stretchy!

  14. I never used toilet paper for an experiment, but it comes in handy for crafts…and yay for always learning :) I’ll try this with my boys.

  15. Love the cute little seal! I can’t say we’ve ever used toilet paper for much other than… well, its intended use!

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