Tutorial: What is #AmazonCart and How Does it Work?




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What is #AmazonCart and How Will It Change Online Shopping #shop #cbias
Anyone that knows me, knows of my love affair with Amazon.  For almost all of my shopping I comparison shop online or with the Amazon app before buying an item at the store.  I’m obsessed with everything about Amazon from Subscribe & Save where I don’t have to worry about ordering my regular items every month like diapers, wipes, dog food, and more but they’re still sent to me on a regular schedule; to all of the benefits of my loyal 8 year subscription to Amazon Prime.

How #AmazonCart Video #shop #cbias
Now, as if shopping on Amazon wasn’t awesome enough.  Things recently got easier thanks to #AmazonCart!  Being online almost all day every day as a blogger, I was super excited by the news of this latest feature and couldn’t wait to try it out for myself.

Amazon Solar Cell Battery #AmazonCart #shop #cbias
My battery drained considerably while at SoFabCon and I fell in love with portable chargers.  Especially those that are discrete and can be tossed in even the smallest clutch.

What is #AmazonCart?    This is the new first of it’s kind collaboration between Amazon and Twitter that brings together shopping and social media in one easy on the go platform.


Battery Saver Tweet #AmazonCart #shop #cbias

With our upcoming family beach vacation, this tweet description confirmed my need for this awesome battery charger.  I can’t wait to try this out!

How does #AmazonCart work?  It’s easy!  Whenever you’re on Twitter and you see an Amazon product link from one of your followers or while checking out one of the Amazon Twitter accounts, you just reply to that tweet with #AmazonCart.  That item will then be automatically added to your Amazon shopping cart.  You don’t have to worry about keeping a running list of all the fun items or great deals you see on Twitter, with #AmazonCart the item is added and you can check out at your leisure.

#AmazonCart Order Popup Confirmation #shop #cbias

#AmazonCart Email Confirmation #shop #cbias
How do I know that my #AmazonCart reply works?  We all know that sometimes technology doesn’t behave and we can’t be sure that an item has been added to, but Amazon takes the guesswork out.  Amazon will respond back to your #AmazonCart reply with a small pop-up confirming the item has been added to your cart.  You’ll also receive an email to serve as both a confirmation and a reminder that items are waiting in your Amazon shopping cart for you to check out.

#AmazonCart Checkout Screen #shop #cbias
So far I’ve only used #AmazonCart to add impulse items to my cart but I can’t wait to see the possibilities for building wish lists and do my weekly shopping as well!

Sunday Delivery with #AmazonCart and Amazon Prime #shop #cbias
Not only did I get to take advantage of my free Two-Day Prime Shipping, but now that Amazon has partnered with USPS I’m expecting Sunday delivery for two of the items in my order!  This is a first for me and is such a relief when I miss placing my order by Wednesday to receive the order the same week.

#Amart Cart Delivery #shop #cbias
Check out some of my favorite Amazon Twitter handles where you can find tons of fun products to add using #AmazonCart:  @amazon@amazondeals@amazontechdeals@AmazonFashion, and @AmazonToys.

Watch the video below that demonstrates how the #AmazonCart hashtag works and how easy it is to shop!


  1. I love that Amazon is always coming up with new ways to streamline the shopping experience!!

  2. This is amazing! I’m an amazon junkie myself, so I have to look into this!

  3. SUCH a smart move on Amazon’s part!

    Do you know how this works with affiliate links? Or does it?

  4. Wow, this looks awesome! I’m online so often but rarely stop to look up items on Amazon. Then when I try to make a few purchases I can’t remember what I wanted to add to my cart. I’ll definitely try this feature and know it will come in handy during holiday shopping!

  5. Amazon is my weakness!

  6. I love this and can’t wait to try it out. I’m going to go look for things on Twitter now just so I can try it and place an order!

  7. What a great idea. I can see me using this a lot.

  8. Very cool!! Love that feature!

  9. I saw Amazon Cart on twitter and wasn’t sure what it was about. Thanks for the clear explanation! I’m always using Amazon, so this is helpful.

  10. Since I tend to get distracted easily, this is the perfect way for me to stay on task and focused while quickly saving what I need to buy later.

  11. I keep reading about this and find it so cool! I still haven’t tried it out!

  12. Wow, that’s pretty crazy! I swear, technology improves by the minute. I am also an Amazon addict – Prime is my BFF!

  13. My relationship with amazon got just a bit more beautiful. My husband is going to love me… :)

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