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Ford Performance Drives Innovation for Everyone #FordNAIAS

Ford Performance Driving Innovation for Everyone Duck

I’m excited to announce a new contributor to Texas Type A Mom, our family’s longtime friend and vacationing buddy, Matt McKahan, who blogs over at Hot Rod Regal. For more on the #FordNAIAS, check out his blog for all the details!  Thanks, Matt for such an awesome and comprehensive post! Kelly requested I document the 2015 North American […]

Guest Post: Food Photography Before & After: Easy Tips for Improving Your Photos


Over the past few months, my blog, Oh My Veggies, has transitioned into being a food blog. While I had always posted recipes, I came to realize that those were the posts I really enjoyed and everything else kind of felt like a chore. Of course, the key to success as a food blogger is […]

Famous Quotes About Love and Life

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I love great quotes, and my favorite quotes are about love. I collect and share my favorite quotes on my site often, and today my friend Kelly is letting me share some inspirational love quotes that always remind me of the magic of romance and the beauty of true love. Here are some I really […]

Texas Type A Mom – Around the Web Part 2


It’s always good to reach a new audience which is one of the reason I love guest posting.  There is a whole new set (or at least partially different) of readers that are exposed to your writing and style and you might just find a new fan.  Back in August I did several guest posts […]

Finding Time to Exercise with Kids

Via Sean Dreilinger on Flickr

Exercising with kids can be very difficult especially if you have more than one. Sometimes your plate is so full that exercising seems as if it shouldn’t be on your to-do list at all. Well, it should. And it can be. You just have to make a few sacrifices but trust me, it’s worth it […]

A Meat Eater’s Guide to Meatless Monday


I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 12, so creating meatless dishes comes second nature to me at this point. For those of you who eat meat during the rest of the week, coming up with ideas for Meatless Monday can be daunting–I mean, how many weeks in a row can you have pasta or […]

Guest Posting on Mama Dweeb

Today I’m doing my first guest post for Annie on her blog, Mama Dweeb!  You’ve heard me mention Annie quite a few times since in the past as she is the creator and host of the  How Do You Say That vlog hop (which unfortunately I wasn’t able to join up with this week).  Go […]

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